These are all my upcoming destinations. Please let me know if you see any errors. This private page is for your eyes only, so please do not give its address to anyone else. Thanks.

Confirmed Destinations

2017 Feb 21 to May 17 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Staying at Apartment in Colonia Americana
Avenida Vallarta 1282 Interior C, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Diego Palomar,, +52-1-33-1159-1558

2017 May 17 to May 31 in Spokane

Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Oakland (OAK), Southwest Airlines #125, depart 4:40pm, arrive 6:20pm. Then Oakland (OAK) to Spokane (GEG), Southwest Airlines #3295, depart 9:20pm, arrive Wednesday 11:15pm

Mom's house

2017 May 31

Wingate, Spokane airport

2017 Jun 1 to 2017 Aug 1 in Mazatlán, Mexico

Spokane (GEG) to Salt Lake City Intl (SLC), Delta Air Lines #2521, depart 6:00am, arrive 8:42am
Salt Lake City Intl (SLC) to Mexico City (MEX), Delta Air Lines #641, depart 9:35am, arrive 2:35pm
Mexico City (MEX) to Mazatlán (MZT), Delta Air Lines #8023 operated by Aeromexico as #244, depart 4:40pm, arrive 5:30pm

Staying at Airbnb rental
Privada del Encanto 12, El Dorado, Mazatlán, Sinaloa 82110, Mexico
Le An Woerner, +1 (281) 224-9002

Tentative Destinations

2017 Aug 1 to 2018 early Jan in Latin America

Aug to Oct in Cuenca or Quito or Antigua or Granada or Léon or Managua

Nov to Jan in Medellin, Colombia

2018 early Jan, Lake Forest Village, Denton, with Mom

2018 Jan 16 to 2018 Feb 27 in Maui

Sugar Beach Resort with Mom

2018 Feb 27 to 2018 late Mar in Mexico City

2018 late Mar to 2019 early Jan in Latin America

2019 early Jan, Denton, Lake Forest Village, with Mom

2019 Jan 22 to 2019 Mar 05 in Maui

Sugar Beach Resort with Mom

2019 Mar 05 to 2019 early Apr in Mexico City

2019 early Apr to 2020 early Jan in Latin America