The purpose of this private page is to help rental managers and other hosts decide if it would be good match between me and their rental property.

About Myself

  • I am an American gentleman in my early 50's, in good health.
  • I have no wife, children, or pets.
  • I do not use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, and I do not have parties.
  • I am a financially secure professional, with a flawless credit history and no criminal record.
  • I graduated from a technical college, and have a strong work ethic.
  • I am mature, responsible, reliable, clean, neat, organized, and quiet.
  • I am respectful of other people's personal space and belongings, and vigilant about protecting the household.
  • I have been described by many hosts as a welcome and low-stress guest.
  • I stay home throughout the day and night, going out only to exercise or get food.
  • I like to spend my time reading quietly and working on a laptop.
  • For the past few decades, I have rented apartments as well as rooms in homes. Also, I have cared for people's homes when they were away. Hosts and rental managers have always been delighted with my stays.

About the Rental

  • I am seeking a house, apartment, or private room, for rent or house-sitting.
  • It is located in a safe part of town, within walking distance of a food market and public transportation.
  • It is furnished, with a comfortable bed and a private restroom ("en suite").
  • It has a kitchen, with cookware and utensils.
  • It has reliable high-speed Internet.
  • It is located in a quiet area, with no loud construction or road traffic noise, and no dogs loud barking or frequent sirens or car alarms.
  • If it is a shared place, then: It has no smoking, drugs, parties, or cats. The other tenants are clean, respectful, and considerate. I will have kitchen privileges, with space in the freezer and fridge for my food.

Comment from an Italian Host

[How to] describe Michael is very difficult with a single adjective, but it really is a person who amazed me! I've never seen anyone so polite, gallant, gentleman, respectful and clean. has spent more than 40 days to my house, every time I entered he got up to greet to accorgliermi [welcome] with a smile, every time they entered new guests he got up to introduce himself, sorry it goes away, but leave something for always, life is experience, and he is part of the experience. even my girlfriend was very impressed, and so will every person will have the opportunity to know him and to have him as a guest! -Italian Airbnb host, 2015-02-24

You can learn more about me on my website and at LinkedIn.