Admin Toolbar Changes in Drupal 8

This article was published in the print magazine Drupal Watchdog, Volume 4 Issue 1, , on page 20, by Tag1 Publishing. The magazine was distributed at DrupalCon Austin, .

In Drupal 7, site administrators can utilize its core Toolbar module for speeding navigation. Drupal 8's equivalent improves upon it, sporting a more readable interface, with clear icons. Admin menu items are grouped into: "Manage" (encompassing the menu items of its predecessor, with "Modules" renamed to "Extend"), "Shortcuts", and a user menu for profile management and logging out. The toolbar is responsive to the device's screen width, switching to a vertical orientation for narrow displays — which can be forced by clicking the arrow button on the far right of the toolbar's (white) second level.

Drupal 8 admin toolbar vertical
Figure 1. Drupal 8 admin toolbar vertical
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