An Era Haunted by Failure

A lighthearted look at a dark period in America's current history, told in verse, from a Halloween perspective

This article was published by Financial Sense, , as a feature article.

Halloween is not the reason
our hearts are filled with fear.
It is not the witching season
nor the late time of year.

In the autumn of our nation,
in futures now austere,
many lead lives of privation,
as dark portents appear.

An economy hollowed out,
on this All Hallows' Eve,
weakens as clueless leaders shout
of plans they misconceive.

In this global conflagration,
rulers induce chaos,
cracks in their country's foundation,
and citizens' pathos.

The Congress

Look not to the ruling classes
to save us from this plight,
for these are the very asses
who caused the moral blight.

They speak well of confiscation
(rephrased so to deceive),
and blame others for stagflation --
as though we would believe!

Grasping goblins of government
on each new spending spree,
ignore the poor souls they torment
and plunder with esprit.

Capitol clowns wearing costumes
are devils in silk suits.
First they bring out their busts and booms,
then later the jackboots.

Flowing from the swamp of D.C.
come endless rotten laws,
as though jobs exist by decree
of Uncle Santa Clause.

Wealth is not made from witch's brew
or a false guarantee.
Progressive theory is untrue,
and lunch is never free.

Their promises (for their own jobs)
are solid as vapors --
loved only by parasitic mobs
and the liberal papers.

No business could they ever build,
these bureaucrats and feds.
When Keynesian Kool-Aid is swilled,
they become pumpkin heads.

Our labor's fruit they "liberate".
We lose all they demand.
The bottomless hole of the state
seems ever to expand.

The consequences terrible,
which the pols don't foresee,
because all taxes are bearable
as judged by this payee.

The deepening costs go unpaid
by the ruling elite,
but instead by people betrayed
through legalized deceit.

Empty houses that look haunted
from real estate cheating,
by jobless folks, stand unwanted --
bankers' "trick-or-treating".

These are the modern-day gangsters.
With no apology,
they are bailout-begging "banksters" --
a leech pathology.

Why are none of them behind bars?
Failed criminology?
No, they morphed into superstars
of greed ideology.

The Fed

Forget the Federal Reserve,
for it will not assist.
Of the money-changers they serve,
we are not on the list.

They push the dollar to its grave
through money inflation.
With each new greenback tidal wave:
savings decimation.

For all this money creation
piles on our heads more debt.
The dollar's value cremation
our children must offset.

These are not just financial pranks
by suits misbehaving.
The failed solutions from the banks
are debtors enslaving.

This magic of money witches
forces us to pay more,
while the bankers pile up riches
and bonuses galore.

All their "quantitative easing"
steals purchasing power.
It is your wealth they are seizing,
until the buck's last hour.

Savers find the outlook scary,
with the dollar's death knell.
Debtors pray the money fairy
will cast a savior's spell.

Each time that "Helicopter" Ben
speaks on Capitol Hill,
to the central planners' chagrin
the markets catch a chill.

It's not just that he's a borer,
this quavering scarecrow;
it's like a movie of horror,
"The Murder of Our Dough"!

Because gold's value they deplore,
the buck becomes a ghost.
Like our two currencies before,
this one will end up toast.

The President

Look not to the Oval Office
to make our nation whole,
for it seems a font of hubris
and socialist control.

Much like a disconnected ghost,
drifting through this drama,
when we need wise substance the most,
all we have… Obama.

Guided by a system that fails
outside ivory towers,
this Obamination assails
the wealth the state devours.

The teleprompters are arrayed
(but no lie detector),
else the cool illusion might fade,
leaving a cold specter.

The oaths made by this President
seem like from a phantom
who in action is negligent,
as debts mount per annum.

The promises of hope and change
became but empty lies.
Starting new wars (more "regime change")
wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

To those self-deluded voters
was this a big surprise?
Beware government promoters
in a liberal guise.

This spirit may return to haunt
us for another term,
to afflict a nation made gaunt
from policies infirm.


So look not to an outsider
or boastful shining knight.
You must be your own provider
in any future fight.

If the people pour out of taverns --
armed, mad, and starving --
it may not be the jack-o'-lanterns
that the mob starts a-carving.

Angry citizens may conspire
to roast some spineless dogs
on a "Federal Code bonfire"
with lawyers as the logs.

When blood is running in the streets,
and pols try to placate,
forget the usual tricks and treats.
Then it will be too late.

Copyright © 2011 Michael J. Ross. All rights reserved.
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