The Four Horsemen of the Government

This article was published by Financial Sense, , as a feature article.

In ages gone by, in a blessed land,
a hardy republic came to be,
based upon a noble constitution —
for life, liberty, and property.
The people flourished, building a nation,
each adding to a community.
Governing themselves, they enjoyed the fruits
that grow when minds and markets are free.

But politicians will stop at nothing
when greater power is theirs to gain.
Passing endless laws and eternal taxes —
each one prosperity's dreaded bane —
these haughty leaders and mighty bankers
worsen the purchasing power drain.
Fat leeches on the body politic,
they feel not the people's quiet pain.

Bleeding the nation's strength, confiscation
is a self-given license to steal.
Debasing currency, well-heeled bankers
slyly make their subjects' wealth unreal.
Destroying dreams of entrepreneurs, laws
crush hope beneath bureaucracy's wheel.
Demanding others' sacrifice, leaders
draw innocent blood with heartless steel.

Like mounted outlaws laying waste to life,
these are destructive powers of State.
Sacred human rights are but empty words
that through mounting crimes they desecrate.
Yet we the people can choose our future.
Must poverty be our sorry fate?
Resist now. Resist before we lose all —
all that we have made that once was great.

Copyright © 2008 Michael J. Ross. All rights reserved.
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