Gazillions Island

Sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island"

This article was published by Financial Sense, , as a feature article.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of an inflating Fed,
that helped congressional budgets
go deeper in the red.

Chair Ben was a money-printing man,
just like "Green-spin" before.
They steered the ship "U.S. Dollar"
far from the golden shore,
far from the golden shore.

The markets started getting rough;
fiscal restraint was tossed.
While floating in liquidity,
the "Dollar" could be lost,
the "Dollar" could be lost.

The ship's now sinking faster than
the other money boats —
being flooded by enormous waves
of fiat Reserve notes.

This is the tale of funny money
which we all should dread.
The greenback will most likely drown
in a deep sea of red.

The skipper may be counting on
some "helicopter drops."
For inflation à la Weimar,
they'll pull out all the stops.

So save your gold and silver now
into a mighty pile,
before your hard-earned wealth is lost
here on Gazillions Isle!

Copyright © 2007 Michael J. Ross. All rights reserved.
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