REST in Drupal 8

This article was published in the print magazine Drupal Watchdog, Volume 4 Issue 2, , on page 16, by Tag1 Publishing. The magazine was distributed at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014, .

The Web Services and Context Core Initiative (WSCCI) incorporates into Drupal 8 a RESTful server, thereby extending Drupal so websites and web apps can deliver content in forms other than traditional web pages. This includes reworking how Drupal core determines the current context information for each HTTP request, and unifying that data into a context object. Plug-ins will standardize how functionality can be swapped in and out using configurable components. Upon this foundation will be added the actual RESTful capabilities, such that any HTTP request is flexibly routed to a pluggable response handler, which might return a JSON object just as easily as an HTML page.

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