Rubik as Your Drupal Admin Theme

This article was published in the print magazine Drupal Watchdog, Volume 2 Issue 1, , on page 9, by Tag1 Publishing. The magazine was distributed at DrupalCon Denver, . The article was also published on their website.

Drupal 7 introduced a new default administrative theme — Seven — which has been hailed as a very clean and readable replacement for the venerable Garland. But there are alternatives, including Rubik. Maintained by Frank Febbraro, Rubik utilizes Tao as its base theme. Compared to Seven, Rubik displays more content above the fold, primarily because it: uses smaller font sizes and much smaller thumbnail images, places form submission buttons in a sidebar, and hides Drupal's field descriptions until the fieldset receives mouse hover. Admin pages are jazzed up with icons provided by Drupal core.

Administration page using Rubik
Figure 1. Administration page using Rubik
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