Web Developer Vetting

If you are in need of a new website — perhaps for an online business you are starting — then you have several major alternatives for getting it built: If you have the time, energy, and technical skills, you could create it yourself. Otherwise, you could use one of the online site-building tools. Or, if you don't even have enough time for that process or you want a highly customized site beyond the functionality offered by those online services, then you will need to pay a web developer — in the form of an individual person or a web design firm — to create it for you. This last option invariably costs more money and usually takes more time, but may be unavoidable given the project requirements, and likely will result in a superior final product.

Finding a suitable developer can become a project unto itself, and the path to a successful outcome is certainly not guaranteed. But in this article, I will present a range of criteria and questions that you should bear in mind when evaluating any prospective developer. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but addresses most if not all of the major factors in determining the quality of whomever you ultimately choose and thus the quality of the delivered product. These topics should be applicable regardless of how you find the candidate — whether by recommendations from business partners, for instance, or fellow members of a mastermind group, or by perusing professional profiles on business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Upwork.

In no particular order, here are some key questions you should ask ahead of time, before assigning the project to anyone:

There are of course numerous other questions that one could ask of a prospective website developer, but this list composes a solid starting point for your own project inquiries. Best wishes!

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