About Me

Every point in our lives is the result of all the steps taken before (planned and otherwise), as well as the countless influences of the people and places we encountered on our journey.

Now a veteran web and software developer, I can look back and see those people, opportunities, and decisions that shaped my path. Even as a child, when growing up in the northwest of the United States, I had a keen interest in symbolic systems — from algebra to linguistics. After learning to write basic routines on a programmable calculator, I soon began developing simple software on some of the earliest computers available to schools at that time.

I moved to Southern California, to attend college, where I earned a bachelor's in applied mathematics — yet spent most of that time learning new computer languages and techniques. These skills led to a series of programming jobs at several commercial companies, at which I greatly expanded that knowledge, particularly in database development.

In 2002, I began working on a freelance basis, initially writing articles and editing books for various publishers, but soon shifted to building custom websites for a variety of organizations, many of which are start-ups.

My journey continues, and I invite you to keep in touch. You can easily follow my latest work using RSS (see the orange button elsewhere on this page).

If you have a website project you would like to discuss, let's talk about it (see the website request form).

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