Benefits of Websites

The Internet offers your business an unprecedented opportunity to reach a worldwide audience more cost effectively than any other medium. 24 hours a day, it allows you to sell to millions of people — a huge market with above-average income and spending levels. But your efforts to reach potential customers will be hampered if your company website is impossible to find, slow to download, difficult to navigate, or confusing to new visitors. Furthermore, many companies lose potential sales by requiring visitors to disclose excessive personal information, such as credit card numbers, which are then stored on the companies' Internet servers (often with inadequate security).

With more people using the Internet as their primary source for locating businesses, it is essential for you to have an Internet presence that is easy for visitors to understand and use, and free of the typical navigation, privacy, and security flaws seen on so many commercial websites.

If you do not yet have a website, I am in a unique position to craft an effective site for your business needs, given my programming and writing experience. Your Internet presence could be a "brochure" site, displaying your business's contact information, special offers, and other fresh content to draw potential clients back. Or you could choose a lucrative e-commerce site from which to sell products to customers — complete with an online catalog, a secure shopping cart, and safe payment options.

As an Internet user and a businessperson, you understand the countless benefits of having a website. Perhaps you wish to start an online business, and you need a new site built from scratch. Or you already have a site, but it is not effective, profitable, or prominent in the search engines used by your potential customers.

Combining your business knowledge with my technical know-how, we can develop a compelling site that could easily pay for itself within the first year of deployment. Your business's site could become a significant profit center, marketing your products and services at minimal cost, and saving you considerable time by answering prospects' questions.

The online platforms I developed for clients have proven quite successful for a variety of needs:

What could you accomplish with a new website? Nowadays the possibilities are limitless. Get a website that makes you money!

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