I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

MyNutritionConsult [square]

One type of online business that an entrepreneur can create, without having to sell a product or provide a professional service, is one that makes it easier for sellers of their own products and services to find potential buyers.

An example of this was a calorie-tracker website that also matched up nutritionists with people interested in receiving expert guidance in improving their diets and overall health. The website allowed their clients — and other registered users — to record and track the macronutrients of their daily meals and snacks: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as total calories. Any meal entry could be designated as frequent, and given a name, so it would be displayed for reference when meal data was entered in the future. A prospective dietitian could submit a questionnaire and, once qualified, became eligible to be assigned to customers whose needs matched the expertise of the dietitian. Clients could complete nutritionist feedback forms to rate the nutritionist and the consultation. The website offered several pricing plans, a blog for health-related information, a password-protected newsletter, a contact form page, a search widget, and a section for frequently asked questions. Registered users could enhance their profiles with descriptions and personal photos. A forum, with multiple categories, allowed users to post and comment on entries, such as common concerns and success stories. Nutritionists and clients could communicate using private messages without need for any third-party messaging service.

I built the website using Drupal and a customized responsive theme. Consequently, the entire process was quite straightforward, and the website owner had a robust platform for building a community and possibly offering further health-related services in the future.

Calmness LLC [square]

To be successful, a business website does not necessarily need such capabilities as user registration and login, content access permissions, form pages, and other dynamic functionality that require heavy web scripting and a database. A static website is completely adequate for any organization that needs only an online "brochure". For instance, a client was so happy with a previous project I had done for her that she asked me to build a brochure site for a licensed therapist who offers psychiatric diagnosis and treatment for patients with various mental conditions.

For this project, I chose a foundation of a prebuilt template that uses HTML5, the Bootstrap framework, and JavaScript for animation. I then replaced all of the boilerplate text and menu items with those specific to the target business, and added blog posts with custom images. Both clients were very happy with the results, and the overall project required little clock time. In addition, the website had no security vulnerabilities and no need for code updates, thereby saving the clients money.

PG Services - Luxury Colored Diamonds [square]

When selecting a business's name and its domain name on the Web, it is wise to also purchase any and all close variations on that domain name, otherwise a competing company could launch a similar website using an almost identical domain name to yours, thereby benefiting from your marketing efforts. Even worse, the competitor could turn out to be unscrupulous and gain a bad reputation in the industry, thereby damaging your own brand as a result of guilt by association. One of my clients learned this lesson the hard way, and asked me to completely rebrand one of their existing websites, to use a new name.

Because I used Drupal to build the original website, it was straightforward for me to customize an existing professional theme, combined with a logo created by a freelance graphic artist. Moreover, it was an opportunity to add a slideshow to the home page. My client was happy with both the new website and the speed with which we were able to launch it. In essence, the more modern and attractive-looking website was like a silver lining to the clouds of an otherwise disheartening business crisis.

Jelly Skateboards [square]

An innovative young company in the skate industry needed a website for selling their transparent and flexible skateboards, and for connecting with fellow skating enthusiasts. One of the cofounders of the company asked me to build such a platform for them.

Using the winning combination of Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce system, I built a new website that had all the standard shopping cart capabilities, with payment acceptance using PayPal Website Payments Standard. The website had numerous informational pages, a contact form, a dealer inquiry page, an image slideshow, and a form allowing visitors to sign up for the company newsletter (hosted by MailChimp). Social media is increasingly important for online marketing, and their new website featured links to the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts, a Facebook widget on the home page showing followers, and a media page with embedded YouTube videos. The client was excited and happy with the final result, partly because within days of the website launch, the company had received several orders from customers.

RunPrayLove [square]

Even though Drupal is sophisticated enough for powering major commercial, government, and nonprofit websites, it is equally suitable as the underpinning of a simple blog. A young lady asked me to create her personal blog, to reflect her interests in running, prayer, and the activities she loves to do, such as cooking. She had a limited budget, so she chose a prebuilt theme, to avoid the expense of hiring a professional designer to create a custom theme from scratch.

Using Drupal, I was able to rapidly build the website, with separate pages for the three main themes, as well as a contact form (protected by a CAPTCHA), a biography page, and a section in the sidebar listing the running-related posts that are race reports. For the design, I modified a prebuilt theme, and added a favicon, resulting in an attractive website that garnered compliments from the public.

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