I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

PG Services - Luxury Colored Diamonds [square]

When selecting a business's name and its domain name on the Web, it is wise to also purchase any and all close variations on that domain name, otherwise a competing company could launch a similar website using an almost identical domain name to yours, thereby benefiting from your marketing efforts. Even worse, the competitor could turn out to be unscrupulous and gain a bad reputation in the industry, thereby damaging your own brand as a result of guilt by association. One of my clients learned this lesson the hard way, and asked me to completely rebrand one of their existing websites, to use a new name.

Because I used Drupal to build the original website, it was straightforward for me to customize an existing professional theme, combined with a logo created by a freelance graphic artist. Moreover, it was an opportunity to add a slideshow to the home page. My client was happy with both the new website and the speed with which we were able to launch it. In essence, the more modern and attractive-looking website was like a silver lining to the clouds of an otherwise disheartening business crisis.

SDOUG v3 [square]

The website of the SDOUG, which I created, was adequate for the group's needs at the time. But it was based on Mambo, a CMS which became outdated and suffered from all of the problems found in its successor, Joomla. For this and other reasons, I replaced the website with a brand-new version, built from the ground up, using Drupal, which was a superior platform for creating websites.

Group members, technical book publishers, and other sponsors applauded this new version of the website, which allows easy management of content.

WorkRight Office Furniture [square]

A client wanted to start a new business selling office furniture online, so he requested an e-commerce website that would allow him to easily add an unlimited number of furniture vendors and products, with a variety of product attributes, such as dimensions, weight, features, and available colors and finishes, with swatch images. The products would need to be organized by a hierarchy of categories, and the category menu would need to dynamically change according to which main categories and subcategories the user had selected from the main area.

Utilizing Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce system, I built a website that met all of the client's needs. It featured tags for product categories and manufacturers, a navigation menu, several static pages, an FAQ section, a slideshow on the home page, an attractive custom mobile-capable Drupal theme, and advanced product category menus in both sidebars and on the home page. Through this new online store, the client began selling thousands of dollars worth of products.

PG Services - Colored Diamond Exchange [square]

I inherited from one client an online diamond and jewelry store. It suffered from obsolete web technology, a cramped design, no backups, and poor technical maintenance (by a web agency unfamiliar to me). One day the legacy website fell prey to attackers who inserted malware into its many JavaScript files. So the client asked me to build a brand new version of the website, much better than its predecessor.

Using Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce system, I built a new website that offered all the features requested by the client: The pages listing the diamonds and jewelry products could be sorted by any of the columns, with a single mouse click. Products could also be found using standard search controls. The primary and secondary navigation menus were easy to read. A shopping cart summary was always visible to the prospective buyer. There were two sections for items on sale and new arrivals. The client could easily add or modify products — each with an image, color categories, and all the other information associated with a diamond or piece of jewelry. The client requested that a simple theme be used, to make the store operational as soon as possible. Despite the limited development time, the website was fully mobile-ready for handheld devices, such as smartphones. Later, I added a blog section, so the business owner could add keyword-rich content. I then configured the website so that each new product listing and blog post was automatically published to Twitter. Also, the latest tweets were displayed on the client's home page, automatically.

Buy Our San Marcos Home [square]

A family in San Marcos, in the county of San Diego, was trying to sell their house, but they found that the typical single listing in the realtors' MLS system was completely inadequate for presenting their house in its best light to prospective buyers. They asked me to develop a website that would help to educate buyers as to the many features of the home and the advantages of the area.

This website's start page was quite different from that of a typical portal-style website, because residential real estate buyers prefer a more simple design that focuses on the main attraction: the house itself. The website included a map to the house, the MLS listing, and even an interactive photo gallery, with a slideshow. The sellers were delighted with the website I created, and the house was successfully sold.

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