I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

Fun RV Rentals [square]

When building a new website, I will often team up with a web designer, who crafts the appearance of each page on the website. This strategy allows me to focus on what I do best: building the web pages, database, and other website components. An example of this is the project for a company that allowed people to rent recreational vehicles from private owners. The project manager wanted her in-house designer to do all of the page styling, and be able to edit page text without having to modify the underlying code.

I defined and created the database to support the extensive functionality requested, and then wrote the PHP code that drives the website, including geo-location matching of owners and renters. I devised a technique that made it possible for the manager and other team members to easily modify the web copy (the text on the pages) without requiring a CMS. I integrated PayPal subscriptions into the user payment process.

Senior Ranks [square]

Several business directory websites provide visitors with crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses. This new project had the goal of offering merchant listings of about 45 major metropolitan areas in the United States — initially about a quarter million businesses. It focused on the target audience of American boomers (ages 50-64) and seniors (65+), who are becoming more technologically savvy and active.

Drupal 7 was the clear choice for the web framework because of its data management and geolocation capabilities, including proximity search. Consequently, tens of thousands of new merchant listings could be imported from CSV files in a matter of minutes. Geospatial data could be input using the import process or Google's Geocoding API web service. Visitors were quickly able to find all merchants within a 10-mile radius of any address, with the option of limiting them to one of 45 business categories. Each listing included the merchant's name, address, phone number, year of founding, industry, any website address, and any discount offered to seniors. Visitors could add their comments about the merchant, read those of other visitors, and see the merchant's five-star ranking. The site had a unique merchant composite score that instantly incorporated many important factors and was updated after any modification of the listing, and periodically with the latest user ratings. The owner could create database backups. The website was monetized using Google AdSense ads.

PG Services - Pastor-Geneve [square]

A client was so pleased with a specialty website I had created for his organization, that he asked me to create a second one, as a replacement for their main website. The new one needed to be built in just a few days, and yet be attractive and fully functional.

Using Drupal, I quickly built a new website that had all of the features requested: multiple static pages with embedded pictures and data tables, an illustrated guide to colored diamonds, an FAQ section, a contact form with a variety of fields and a CAPTCHA, sample newsletters, links to social media website, a running total of all non-admin visitors to the client website, and a slideshow on the home page. The client was quite happy with how well the website turned out and how quickly I was able to build it. I later modified the Drupal theme to be responsive on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

SalesArt Media - Synergy Effect [square]

A client asked me to build a new website that would serve as a platform for the marketing and sales of his books, webinars, software, and live training events — all designed to assist people who sell financial products to individuals and families. It would need to allow visitors to purchase printed copies of his books, using the Authorize.Net Simple Checkout system, for both single books and bundles of all four books. Visitors would be able to sign up for any of the six free webinars continually offered by the client, as well as paid in-person training events. The client's administrative assistant needed to be able to add webinar and seminar events easily. The website required static pages for text such as statements of privacy and terms of use. Lastly, there had to be a simple way for potential customers to contact my client.

Using Drupal, I was able to build the website, incrementally adding and modifying features as requested by the client. These later included the addition of an HTML5 animation on the home page. For the Drupal theme, I created a custom theme which is fully responsive to the screen width of the user's device. The client was quite happy with the final result, and within months it was ranked #1 in the Google search results for the client's name.

PG Services - AIDC Advantage [square]

Just as a beautiful diamond is created from relentless pressure upon everyday coal, it is possible for an attractive website to be developed even when the project is under significant time pressure. In this case, a client needed a new website as soon as possible due to substantial changes in business relationships. This firm offers many resources to the colored diamond community — including technical information, courses on diamond cutting and polishing, access to industry experts and their publications, and quarterly and more-frequent newsletters and other reports.

Using Drupal in conjunction with design mockups created by a professional designer, I built the website with speed and yet the utmost care in planning the information architecture and file naming and directory structuring, to make the final product well organized and easily maintainable in the future. The site featured gallery pages for jewelry and diamond colors, individual pages for each piece and color, inquiry forms for each product, dozens of static pages, all of the organization's publications, pages and icons for affiliates and industry press information, a contact form, and links to various social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. I made the new website fully mobile responsive for optimum viewability and functionality on devices with small screens. It received extremely positive comments from visitors.

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