I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

Reeflist [square]

A client asked me to build an online saltwater aquarium community and marketplace that supports free classifieds to facilitate the buying and selling of aquarium equipment, livestock, and corals. Hobbyists and businesses could list a wide variety of related items, at no charge — like a Craigslist for aquarium enthusiasts. Each listing had a name, description, price, listing type, product category (from 46 options), and an unlimited number of photos. Every basic member account was free, and allowed the member to tell others about themselves and their interests, as well as post a user photo. Also, members could contribute comments on any of the listings, as well as five-star ratings of other members. Participants had the option of upgrading their accounts to either Vendor or Premium Vendor status (with various pricing plans), which conferred additional benefits such as a personal blog, a link to the vendor's own website, and an affiliate image for branding purposes.

I built the website using Drupal, making heavy use of the powerful Views module, which makes it possible for users to filter listings by specifying values for some or all of the fields — even specifying price ranges. The website used a responsive customized theme, and also had an FAQ page, a contact form, and links to several PayPal subscription plans. The client was extremely pleased and excited about the new website.

Silk Royalty [square]

Choosing a professionally-designed prebuilt template is the most cost-effective way to dress up a new website without incurring the generally high expenses of a custom-designed template. A client requested an online store for selling hair extensions and accessories, including storage bags and branded T-shirts.

Utilizing Drupal and a prebuilt theme chosen by the client, I was able to easily build the ecommerce site, incorporating the PayPal Website Payments Standard payment method for handling credit card transactions. I also added an FAQ section, a contact form, and other important pages. The client was extremely pleased with the results.

Fun RV Rentals [square]

When building a new website, I will often team up with a web designer, who crafts the appearance of each page on the website. This strategy allows me to focus on what I do best: building the web pages, database, and other website components. An example of this is the project for a company that allowed people to rent recreational vehicles from private owners. The project manager wanted her in-house designer to do all of the page styling, and be able to edit page text without having to modify the underlying code.

I defined and created the database to support the extensive functionality requested, and then wrote the PHP code that drives the website, including geo-location matching of owners and renters. I devised a technique that made it possible for the manager and other team members to easily modify the web copy (the text on the pages) without requiring a CMS. I integrated PayPal subscriptions into the user payment process.

Didona Design [square]

Even though a website's content is what lures visitors to return, it is the visual design that makes a first impression and determines the attractiveness of the website. A client can pay a professional designer to create a custom theme for her new website. Yet a less expensive option is to purchase a commercially-available theme, and then customize it for the particular website. These themes are usually packaged as Drupal "distributions", with the intent to make them easier to install. But sometimes this is problematic for people not adept with Drupal, as they wrestle with errors, such as database connection problems.

A client of mine, experiencing such difficulties, asked me to install the "Seven" premium theme, which uses HTML5 and CSS3 and is fully responsive on desktop and mobile devices. It offers numerous home page and slideshow options, more than two dozen jQuery effects, and integration with social media networks and Google Maps. I created copies of the website on a local web server first, and then the remote server, after updating all of the Drupal modules as needed. The resulting website looked attractive and served as a solid foundation for the client to build his new graphics design business website.

Dirt Bike Tie Down [square]

A web designer was tasked with creating a new website for a business that sold components and complete systems for securely attaching lightweight motorcycles to the backs of trucks. He had already created a static website with the idea of using PayPal purchase buttons. Both he and the client agreed that it would be worthwhile to develop a fully-functional e-commerce website, using a shopping cart system, so the system could handle tax calculations, order notification, PayPal Standard, etc.

Working under a tight schedule, I developed a new shopping cart website based on CubeCart, created a new database, added the dozens of products provided by the client, wrote PHP code for speeding the transition, integrated the original CSS styling into a new theme for the website, and added an SSL certificate for secure credit card entry — all ahead of schedule.

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