I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

SalesArt Media - Social Security Navigator [square]

This project was the first of two new websites that a client wanted developed as quickly as possible. This particular one allows financial advisors to generate and print attractive custom analysis reports on Social Security for their own prospects.

Using PHP, I developed the new website, which includes a pricing grid comparing the available plans, a contact form page, a page for frequently asked questions, a sign-up form for the free version of the program, and other information about it. This one too was crafted in accordance with the principles of responsive web design (RWD), i.e., the layout and content change automatically in response to the size of the device being used to view the website. Within 24 hours of launch, the website was attracting many new contacts and paying customers.

Silk Royalty [square]

Choosing a professionally-designed prebuilt template is the most cost-effective way to dress up a new website without incurring the generally high expenses of a custom-designed template. A client requested an online store for selling hair extensions and accessories, including storage bags and branded T-shirts.

Utilizing Drupal and a prebuilt theme chosen by the client, I was able to easily build the ecommerce site, incorporating the PayPal Website Payments Standard payment method for handling credit card transactions. I also added an FAQ section, a contact form, and other important pages. The client was extremely pleased with the results.

SalesArt Media - Synergy Effect [square]

A client asked me to build a new website that would serve as a platform for the marketing and sales of his books, webinars, software, and live training events — all designed to assist people who sell financial products to individuals and families. It would need to allow visitors to purchase printed copies of his books, using the Authorize.Net Simple Checkout system, for both single books and bundles of all four books. Visitors would be able to sign up for any of the six free webinars continually offered by the client, as well as paid in-person training events. The client's administrative assistant needed to be able to add webinar and seminar events easily. The website required static pages for text such as statements of privacy and terms of use. Lastly, there had to be a simple way for potential customers to contact my client.

Using Drupal, I was able to build the website, incrementally adding and modifying features as requested by the client. These later included the addition of an HTML5 animation on the home page. For the Drupal theme, I created a custom theme which is fully responsive to the screen width of the user's device. The client was quite happy with the final result, and within months it was ranked #1 in the Google search results for the client's name.

WorkRight Office Furniture [square]

A client wanted to start a new business selling office furniture online, so he requested an e-commerce website that would allow him to easily add an unlimited number of furniture vendors and products, with a variety of product attributes, such as dimensions, weight, features, and available colors and finishes, with swatch images. The products would need to be organized by a hierarchy of categories, and the category menu would need to dynamically change according to which main categories and subcategories the user had selected from the main area.

Utilizing Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce system, I built a website that met all of the client's needs. It featured tags for product categories and manufacturers, a navigation menu, several static pages, an FAQ section, a slideshow on the home page, an attractive custom mobile-capable Drupal theme, and advanced product category menus in both sidebars and on the home page. Through this new online store, the client began selling thousands of dollars worth of products.

PG Services - Adamas Collection v1 [square]

A client in Switzerland requested a new website to showcase a spectacular collection of colored diamonds, on display at a museum in Carlsbad, California. The website needed several pages for the various diamond groups, additional pages for resources, and a method for sending messages to the client.

Because the focus of the website needed to be the collection in general and the diamonds in particular, I used a design with a dark background, to emphasize and enhance the beauty of the colored diamond images. The website was based on Drupal, and incorporated a contact form. The client was very happy with the website, and noted that the design and layout were exactly what his company was looking for.

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