I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

SDOUG v3 [square]

The website of the SDOUG, which I created, was adequate for the group's needs at the time. But it was based on Mambo, a CMS which became outdated and suffered from all of the problems found in its successor, Joomla. For this and other reasons, I replaced the website with a brand-new version, built from the ground up, using Drupal, which was a superior platform for creating websites.

Group members, technical book publishers, and other sponsors applauded this new version of the website, which allows easy management of content.

SalesArt Media - Synergy Effect [square]

A client asked me to build a new website that would serve as a platform for the marketing and sales of his books, webinars, software, and live training events — all designed to assist people who sell financial products to individuals and families. It would need to allow visitors to purchase printed copies of his books, using the Authorize.Net Simple Checkout system, for both single books and bundles of all four books. Visitors would be able to sign up for any of the six free webinars continually offered by the client, as well as paid in-person training events. The client's administrative assistant needed to be able to add webinar and seminar events easily. The website required static pages for text such as statements of privacy and terms of use. Lastly, there had to be a simple way for potential customers to contact my client.

Using Drupal, I was able to build the website, incrementally adding and modifying features as requested by the client. These later included the addition of an HTML5 animation on the home page. For the Drupal theme, I created a custom theme which is fully responsive to the screen width of the user's device. The client was quite happy with the final result, and within months it was ranked #1 in the Google search results for the client's name.

NCHS [square]

North County Health Services (NCHS) provides primary health care services to low-income people in north San Diego County. Their old website was based on a now-defunct CMS that greatly hindered workflow management within the organization. Also, the website design was outdated, and needed sprucing up.

I developed a far more capable version of their website, using Drupal, a better CMS. As requested by the client, the new website retained the content, navigation menu structure, and much of the design of the legacy website it replaced. Yet it gained sophisticated workflow and revision tracking capabilities based on user roles and content types, thereby allowing different departments to manage changes to the website. For instance, when a content editor alters a page, moderators were automatically notified, could accept or decline the proposed changes, and could even view color-coded side-by-side comparisons of the different revisions. I created a drop-down navigation menu, a password-protected area for sensitive content, and an editable events calendar. I added an image slideshow on the home page (using jQuery) and social media widgets for Facebook and Twitter. The website included CiviCRM, a powerful free CRM system, so the staff members could contact past donors and potential donors, as well as announce community events and services provided by NCHS.

Three months after its launch, the new website had increased the number of unique visitors by 28.5 percent, and reached more than one million hits. It was featured by Drupal experts DrupalEasy as a "Site of the Week" in their podcast episode #48, 2010-12-15.

Multilateral Partners v2 [square]

If your organization's website no longer reflects your core business or purpose, then you should update your branding, which includes the design of your website. One of my clients expanded its operations from exclusively commercial real estate investment, to global asset management. Also, the CEO appeared in a televised interview on CNBC, which immediately tripled the amount of traffic to the website. So the company requested a complete redesign of their existing website, again with the restrictions of limited time and budget.

I created a design mock-up, which the business owners were able to review and approve. I then reworked much of the PHP code, changed all of the images and the favicon, and replaced the old static navigation menu with a drop-down menu system — resulting in a clean design that met with their commendation.

WorkRight Office Furniture [square]

A client wanted to start a new business selling office furniture online, so he requested an e-commerce website that would allow him to easily add an unlimited number of furniture vendors and products, with a variety of product attributes, such as dimensions, weight, features, and available colors and finishes, with swatch images. The products would need to be organized by a hierarchy of categories, and the category menu would need to dynamically change according to which main categories and subcategories the user had selected from the main area.

Utilizing Drupal and the Ubercart e-commerce system, I built a website that met all of the client's needs. It featured tags for product categories and manufacturers, a navigation menu, several static pages, an FAQ section, a slideshow on the home page, an attractive custom mobile-capable Drupal theme, and advanced product category menus in both sidebars and on the home page. Through this new online store, the client began selling thousands of dollars worth of products.

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