I have built more than 85 websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible — and that get results for my clients. Most of the recent ones were built using Drupal, a powerful CMS that allows clients to easily update the text, images, and videos on their websites.

Below are screenshots and brief project descriptions of just some of the many websites that I have created.

Buy Our San Marcos Home [square]

A family in San Marcos, in the county of San Diego, was trying to sell their house, but they found that the typical single listing in the realtors' MLS system was completely inadequate for presenting their house in its best light to prospective buyers. They asked me to develop a website that would help to educate buyers as to the many features of the home and the advantages of the area.

This website's start page was quite different from that of a typical portal-style website, because residential real estate buyers prefer a more simple design that focuses on the main attraction: the house itself. The website included a map to the house, the MLS listing, and even an interactive photo gallery, with a slideshow. The sellers were delighted with the website I created, and the house was successfully sold.

NCHS [square]

North County Health Services (NCHS) provides primary health care services to low-income people in north San Diego County. Their old website was based on a now-defunct CMS that greatly hindered workflow management within the organization. Also, the website design was outdated, and needed sprucing up.

I developed a far more capable version of their website, using Drupal, a better CMS. As requested by the client, the new website retained the content, navigation menu structure, and much of the design of the legacy website it replaced. Yet it gained sophisticated workflow and revision tracking capabilities based on user roles and content types, thereby allowing different departments to manage changes to the website. For instance, when a content editor alters a page, moderators were automatically notified, could accept or decline the proposed changes, and could even view color-coded side-by-side comparisons of the different revisions. I created a drop-down navigation menu, a password-protected area for sensitive content, and an editable events calendar. I added an image slideshow on the home page (using jQuery) and social media widgets for Facebook and Twitter. The website included CiviCRM, a powerful free CRM system, so the staff members could contact past donors and potential donors, as well as announce community events and services provided by NCHS.

Three months after its launch, the new website had increased the number of unique visitors by 28.5 percent, and reached more than one million hits. It was featured by Drupal experts DrupalEasy as a "Site of the Week" in their podcast episode #48, 2010-12-15.

Reeflist [square]

A client asked me to build an online saltwater aquarium community and marketplace that supports free classifieds to facilitate the buying and selling of aquarium equipment, livestock, and corals. Hobbyists and businesses could list a wide variety of related items, at no charge — like a Craigslist for aquarium enthusiasts. Each listing had a name, description, price, listing type, product category (from 46 options), and an unlimited number of photos. Every basic member account was free, and allowed the member to tell others about themselves and their interests, as well as post a user photo. Also, members could contribute comments on any of the listings, as well as five-star ratings of other members. Participants had the option of upgrading their accounts to either Vendor or Premium Vendor status (with various pricing plans), which conferred additional benefits such as a personal blog, a link to the vendor's own website, and an affiliate image for branding purposes.

I built the website using Drupal, making heavy use of the powerful Views module, which makes it possible for users to filter listings by specifying values for some or all of the fields — even specifying price ranges. The website used a responsive customized theme, and also had an FAQ page, a contact form, and links to several PayPal subscription plans. The client was extremely pleased and excited about the new website.

Calmness LLC [square]

To be successful, a business website does not necessarily need such capabilities as user registration and login, content access permissions, form pages, and other dynamic functionality that require heavy web scripting and a database. A static website is completely adequate for any organization that needs only an online "brochure". For instance, a client was so happy with a previous project I had done for her that she asked me to build a brochure site for a licensed therapist who offers psychiatric diagnosis and treatment for patients with various mental conditions.

For this project, I chose a foundation of a prebuilt template that uses HTML5, the Bootstrap framework, and JavaScript for animation. I then replaced all of the boilerplate text and menu items with those specific to the target business, and added blog posts with custom images. Both clients were very happy with the results, and the overall project required little clock time. In addition, the website had no security vulnerabilities and no need for code updates, thereby saving the clients money.

Advanced Staffing [square]

A recruiting and staffing agency in Alabama — which fulfills temp-to-hire, contract, and direct placement openings — had an old website which was wholly inadequate for their needs, and looked quite out-of-date (having been created using an automatic website generator provided by a business-card printing company!). The client wanted a new website that would allow qualified candidates to discover employment opportunities in a wide range of fields, and submit their job applications online — thereby avoiding the hassle of requesting, completing, and mailing in a paper-based application form.

I rapidly built a more capable and modern-looking replacement website, utilizing Drupal, its powerful Webform module, and a commercial prebuilt theme, which I customized to perform better, with less overhead. The new website contained all of the static text from the legacy website, but now had a streamlined contact form page as well as an extensive job application form page. As a result, all the steps in the process — job-seekers applying for positions, my client finding talented candidates, and their clients hiring the labor force they need — were now faster and more accurate.

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