To begin creating our new website, what do you need?

To develop a new website for you, I need to know exactly what you want it to be able to do. That information forms the project specification (often referred to as the "project specs" or "design brief"). Please send me the following in an email message:

  • A list of all the desired features (unless you already sent me a complete list).
  • The text for the website — or at least everything needed for the homepage — or indication that you want me to use the text on your existing website, if any.
  • The images (a logo, a staff photo, product photos, etc.) and other multimedia for the website. The higher the resolution of the images, the better.
  • For all the administrative users who will need to login to the website and make changes: each person's name, email address, and a chosen username. I could set the usernames if you have a preferred format. I will set the initial passwords, which can always be changed later.
  • If you already have a Web host, then I need the access information (username and password) for the Web host (FTP) and for the database admin (typically cPanel). If you do not already have Web hosting, or you want a better provider, please see my instructions.