How can we be sure that we will get our money's worth?

Some business owners worry that an unethical or incompetent developer will milk them for as many hours as possible, or simply walk away with the deposit, without having completed the project. Admittedly, there are unscrupulous developers out there (as in any profession). But they can be easily identified, because, unlike me, they lack the characteristics of professional long-term developers.

Initially, clients who have never worked with me before can sometimes be concerned that they will be overcharged if we leave the amount of time open-ended. That's typically because they've been burned in the past by unscrupulous Web developers. But once the new clients start working with me, without exception they learn to trust me, just as I learn to trust them. So it works out well, and they end up referring me to other businesspeople (I've never done any advertising — all word-of-mouth). I work about nine hours per day, seven days per week, so I'm working continuously, and thus there is no incentive for me to drag out any client work. In fact, just the opposite, because I want to complete each project efficiently and move on to the next.