What statistics are available for traffic to our website?

The AWStats analytics program provides a lot of information on visitors to your website. All of the information is shown for each month in raw numbers, and most of it also as bar charts. You may get data on:

  • the number of unique visitors and visits, pages viewed, hits, and bandwidth usage
  • that information for the current month versus earlier months in the year
  • that information for every day of the month
  • that information grouped by day of the week and hours in the day
  • that information grouped by country
  • IP addresses of top visitors
  • search engine bots/spiders
  • visitors' time spent on the website, grouped into first 30 seconds, first two minutes, etc.
  • file types seen by visitors
  • site pages most frequently visited
  • visitors' operating systems and browsers
  • traffic from search engines and inbound links — this information is quite useful for organic marketing
  • key phrases and keywords used by visitors to find your website using search engines — also quite valuable
  • HTTP status codes, including pages not found ("404 errors"), which is critical for website diagnosis

Google Analytics has similar information, and is easy to implement and free.

Many of my clients have me analyze the traffic statistics for their websites, and send monthly reports, with recommendations. I can do the same for you.