Who will design our website?

Every website should have an attractive design (a.k.a., its appearance, theme, "look and feel", etc.). As a full-time Web developer, I do not design websites. You have some options for getting the design of your own website:

  1. You may choose to have a custom design crafted by a professional designer. Some of my most successful projects involved teaming up with a freelance Web designer, and collaborating as a virtual team. This allows everyone to focus on what they do best. I perform all of the backend programming, i.e., building the website and its database. The designer then styles the website by modifying a CSS file, adding images, etc. I can work with in-house designers (within your organization), provided that they know CSS. I build the basic website first, so the designer can see the page types (that need to be styled separately) and the CSS class and ID names in the HTML pages generated by Drupal. If you do not have in-house talent, let me know if you want me to refer you to an excellent Web designer.
  2. If there is an existing website whose design you really like, I could create a similar design, which would probably cost less than choosing the above option. The design would be customized with your own company logo, up in the header of the pages, where you could optionally have a custom background image. If you choose this option, please send me the address of the website you like, and also send me your custom image(s).
  3. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a prebuilt theme, which I can modify with a new header image and/or your company's logo. Let me know the name of the theme you want me to use, and send me any image(s).