You could have any of these features in your new website:

  • content management — you and your staff can add new content (text, images, and videos) to your website, and modify existing content
  • user-generated content — engage better with your visitors by allowing them to add their own content
  • site structure — have an unlimited number of pages, accessible through a logically-organized navigation menu
  • image gallery — upload and display multiple images, and add images to slideshows
  • secure contact — allow visitors to contact you, without giving out your e-mail address
  • news syndication — offer RSS and Atom newsfeeds, so people can automatically receive fresh content
  • search — make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website
  • SEO — your website's content will be more prominent in search engine rankings, and thus more findable by prospective customers
  • FAQ section — reduce your support costs by allowing customers to find answers to their questions
  • user registration — automatically build a marketing contact list of website visitors
  • access rights — allow certain visitors access to premium content, perhaps after they have paid a fee
  • surveys/polls — get free feedback from all visitors or from registered users only (your choice)
  • blog — increase traffic to your website (humans and search engines) with your own blog, where you can post news and opinions
  • forums — build an online community to attract new prospects and search engines, and allow users to help each other, thereby reducing your customer support costs
  • mobile version — greatly expand your potential audience by supporting smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • shopping cart — sell products securely online
  • payment gateway integration — allow customers to buy from you using credit cards (using PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc.)
  • instant notification — receive an immediate online confirmation of each customer's purchase
  • advertising revenue — display your own banner ads, or make money displaying other companies' ads, e.g., Google AdSense
  • affiliates — make it easy for others to promote your products and services
  • internationalization — offer foreign-language versions of your website, to expand your customer base
  • database — store and display any information that you want, dynamically and safely
  • traffic analysis — use Google Analytics to understand and improve customer traffic and conversions

Regardless of what features you choose, your new website will be neatly organized, fast to download, simple to use, easy to navigate, and attractive to customers. It also will be compliant with modern Web accessibility standards (WCAG 1.0, Level A), to maximize the size of your potential audience.