How do we pay you?

Like other web-based professionals, I do not accept cash, because it can get lost in the mail, with no recourse. The fees for my services can be paid using a bank check or wire:

  • A bank wire costs a nominal fee, but it is the fastest and most secure method, especially for international money transfers. Also, it allows me to begin work on your project immediately.
  • A bank check is free, but it takes a few days. Most banks offer free electronic bill payments, in which they cut and mail the check for you.
  • In either case, contact me for the bank account information.

There are several reasons why PayPal is not the best choice for sending large sums of money, including these:

  • We are charged a PayPal fee that costs much more than any bank check or wire.
  • Consequently, either I end up not receiving the full amount for my work, or you pay more for it.
  • When a bank sends a check or wire to another bank, the money is truly transferred. But with PayPal, they can retract the money at any time and without warning, even if it has been withdrawn from the destination PayPal account.