In summary, how do you work with clients?

This FAQ section has more detailed information, but my overall approach is:

  • As soon as I have a complete description, in writing, of what you want in your website, I can build it.
  • My preferred form of communication is email.
  • I charge by the half-hour, and always round down.
  • Invoices are sent at the end of the month, and are due upon receipt.
  • For any sizable project, prior to my getting started, I need a deposit of 50 percent of the minimum estimated cost of the project. Once a client has made a few payments, no further deposits are needed.
  • Because of my years of experience, I'm able to complete tasks faster than most developers.
  • Clients often comment that they find me extremely responsive, and that's partly because I work seven days a week, so I'm almost always at my computer.