Writing Experience

As a freelance writer and editor, during the past three decades I have written:

  • 446 articles, most of which were published in print magazines
  • over 25 online news releases, primarily for my clients
  • 103 book reviews, plus 57 reviews that I ghostwrote for a New York Times best-selling author and a major publishing firm
  • four children's books (ghostwritten)
  • numerous poems, one of which won an award
  • several speeches, for my own presentations and those of other speakers
  • a screenplay
  • marketing copy packages for 177 book projects, including a book I published for another author

In addition, I have done public reading and discussion of my poems as a member of several poetry groups and writing workshops.

As an outsource editor for the world's leading subsidy publisher, I edited over 75 books, totaling over 8,000 pages of text. The manuscripts included novels, political commentary, rural histories, poetry collections, accounts of war, illustrated children's books, self-help notebooks, social analyses, gaming strategy guides, and science-fiction novels.

I have done "spec ready" formatting of 18 manuscripts (books and screenplays), totaling over 3,500 pages of text.

I have served as the editor of two publications:

  • Pristine Planet Newsletter, an environmental newsletter published monthly, from November 2004 to December 2009.
  • INTERFACE, an interdisciplinary technical journal published biannually.

Lastly, I have performed technical reviewing of several books on the web technology Drupal.